Ned enters the workforce after years of job searching

Ned spent years volunteering for various businesses, in the hopes of finding a place that would take him on as a paid employee. Deflated after four years of searching with no success, Ned reached out to Multiple Solutions for help.

Multiple Solutions is a five-star Disability Employment Services provider. We help people living with injury, illness or disability to find meaningful, long-term employment.

Ned met with his Multiple Solutions employment consultant Marty who helped him identify his skills, interests and goals. Marty uncovered Ned’s interest and enthusiasm towards barista work. He had undertaken some volunteer work in a café previously and really loved the experience.

Marty enrolled Ned into a two-day accredited Barista workshop with Independent Institute. Ned was so excited that after less than a week with Multiple Solutions, he was already one step closer to pursuing a career in hospitality.

The training went well, and Ned impressed his trainers with his determination and enthusiasm. He passed the Barista course with flying colours.

Marty and Independent Institute owners, Susan and Stefan discussed how they could work together to provide an employment opportunity for Ned at Café 91, Independent Institute’s training café.

Marty supported Ned to prepare for his interview at Café 91 which went extremely well. He got the job! Ned’s confidence had skyrocketed, with Multiple Solutions helping him to purchase his work uniform and navigate his first week of work.

Only a couple of months into his job at Café 91 and Ned has already secured several regular customers and is doing a great job of marketing the café to local businesses in the area.

Ned says that he just loves being able to work and it is so satisfying to make a contribution to his local community. Things like paying taxes and relying less on Centrelink payments are hugely rewarding.

Ned says, “The best part of my job is that I get to move around a lot meeting many new people in the local Salisbury community. I feel like I’m getting a lot accomplished and being recognised as I move about the Salisbury business district.”

“It’s very rewarding to be doing something I like and to be fortunate enough to be paid for the experience. The support I’ve received from Multiple Solutions and the management and staff at Café 91 has made this experience the most rewarding of my life.”


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