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The Multiple Solutions person-centred Service Delivery Model is based on the fundamental principles of dignity, respect, individuality and empowerment.

Multiple Solutions delivers tailored assistance to jobseekers by personalising how we interview, assess, place and provide ongoing support services to each individual.  Our person-centred approach focuses on what a person ‘can do’ and takes into consideration a range of factors including a participant’s specific disability, their personal life goals and aspirations, socio-economic and cultural background, psychosocial framework, levels of support from family, friends and carers.  Previous service experience is also considered for a complete understanding of the context within which the jobseeker is functioning.

Multiple Solutions is committed to developing the skills of its jobseekers so they can win their positions on merit. Our staff provide guidance and inform participants on labour market conditions and industry trends so that jobseekers can make their own well-informed decisions about choosing a career path to pursue. The jobseeker’s freedom and agency in this process increases commitment and motivation toward employment and Multiple Solutions then builds upon this.

Our Disability Employment Services Team specialises in assisting you to achieve your employment goals, fulfil your career aspirations and realise your full potential.

At Multiple Solutions, we know looking for a job or deciding which career path to take is not easy. It can often leave you with more questions than answers. This is where we come in. We can help you plan your employment future and provide you with real options.

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Our Services

Individual Skills Assessment
& Career Planning

We will help you identify your unique skill set and explore the types of jobs that might suit you.  Together we will develop an individual career plan and take the steps needed to achieve your employment goals.

Job Preparation & Training

This includes developing your resume, assisting with application letters, working through interview techniques and linking you to relevant training courses to build your skills.

Job Search & Placement

We will show you where to look for vacancies that match your skills and experience, link you to employers and even attend interviews with you, if appropriate. We can assist in negotiating your employment and ensure that you are paid fairly.

Workplace Support

Tailored specifically to your individual needs, support can include one-to-one job training, support for personal needs such as meals and toileting, workplace modifications, job redesign and social integration in the workplace. Support is flexible and ongoing, for as long as you need it.

Disability Awareness
& Disclosure

Multiple Solutions staff can provide advice and support around disclosing your disability and/or support needs to employers. We can also provide disability awareness training for co-workers, supervisors and managers at your workplace.

Work Experience

Gives you a chance to “try out” a job before committing to it and helps build your confidence, skills, and experience.

Employer Incentives

We can assist your employer gain access to wage subsidies, workplace modifications and other relevant government initiatives. *

Workplace Solutions

Being faced with an illness or injury that impacts your work is often very stressful. We offer our clients support in retaining existing employment when faced with such life changes. *

Interpreting Services

We provide interpreting services to people who are culturally and linguistically diverse, as well as Auslan interpreting services for people who are hearing impaired.

* subject to eligibility

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