Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify for the services that Multiple Solutions offer?

Multiple Solutions assists people with disabilities or health conditions to find or maintain their employment. Some new participants will undergo an assessment to determine their eligibility while others will be able to get started right away. The easiest way to see if our services are right for you is to speak to one of our friendly staff. Check our locations page to find your local office.

What if I don’t have any prior work experience?

At Multiple Solutions, we work with participants from all walks of life, regardless of their circumstances. We can assist anyone, from those with no work experience to professionals in their field. If you would like more information, give us a call on 1800 053 154, or follow the get in touch link.

What kind of jobs do you have available?

Multiple Solutions knows that everyone is different and that what’s good for one person might not suit another. Because of this, we don’t set up jobs until we’ve met you and assessed what it is you want to do. We are committed to  finding you the right position and supporting you so that you can keep it. We may place you with one of our employers or we may seek alternative employment in the open job market. Everyone deserves the right job and we deliver an individually tailored service to ensure you can get it.

What kind of job would I be suitable for?

We pride ourselves on helping people realise their potential in a job they want to do. If a disability, health condition or injury makes an aspect of a job difficult or impossible to do, Multiple Solutions will assist through the provision of specialised equipment, workplace modifications or modifying the duties of the role.

As an employer, what if I hire someone and they don’t work out?

Multiple Solutions is proud to have one of the best job retention rates in the industry, due to an individualised service taking into account the preferences and needs of both employer and employee. Despite this, however, sometimes things just don’t work out. We are here to help and if one staff member doesn’t work out we can always assist with backfilling your position with another appropriately skilled participant. Our employers are our clients just as much as our participants and we aim to make sure all parties get the support they need.

I need modifications/allowances for my disability, how do I let my new employer know?

We can help you with these negotiations or make them on your behalf. We routinely modify work spaces, provide specialised equipment for our participants and negotiate modified duties to make sure that the job our participants want to do is also one that they can do regardless of their disability, health condition or injury.

Does it cost me anything to hire an employee through Multiple Solutions?

Multiple Solutions is 100% funded by the Australian Federal Government, so it does not cost our employers or participants a thing. In fact, as an employer, you may be eligible for generous wage subsidies of up to $10,000. Multiple Solutions can manage your recruitment for you and make a positive difference to the bottom line!

Why employ a person with a disability?

Research has shown that employees with a disability have better attendance records, have lower insurance and safety costs and cost no more to train than workers without disabilities in comparable roles. Employers of people with disabilities have also reported improved morale and positive staff and customer goodwill since hiring staff with disabilities. One in five Australians is living with a disability of some type so many employers already have employees with disabilities without being aware of it.

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