Dylans_storyDylan’s Story

When Dylan started looking for work, he was a young man who just wanted an excuse to get out of the house. It wasn’t until Multiple Solutions had helped Dylan find his first stable job that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and mental illness.

Dylan had always shown motivation looking for work—he always showed up to his appointments and was willing to give any new job a go. He found himself in and out of jobs, but nothing really seemed to stick until he landed his first stable job at a cleaning company.

After being involved in a car accident back in 2016, Dylan and his doctor’s noticed some significant changes in his eyesight. That paired with numbness in his legs led doctors to send him away for the MRI that led to his diagnosis with MS, at the age of 22.

“I was very nervous and anxious about my results…I went to work the next day. After realising what it was, I just broke down; I just didn’t know what to do anymore,” Dylan says.

Dylan was upset, worried and confused when he went in to see his employment consultant. His employer had told him to take a month off work to focus on his health. He was feeling lost, and didn’t really understand what MS was and how it would affect his life.

With a direct link to the MS Society, his employment consultant referred Dylan to a nurse straight away to explain his diagnosis, and how to manage his symptoms.

Dylan soon started acting out as his initial way of dealing with his diagnosis, and lost his job. He took this time to work on his mental health and to understand his symptoms, and when he came back to Multiple Solutions three months later he was more determined than ever. He was motivated to get back to work and not let his MS beat him.

Dylan worked with Multiple Solutions to find a full time job in production and has now been there for seven months. He says he loves working because it helps keep him busy, he has made new friends, and it helped get him back on his feet after his diagnosis.


Do you need help getting back into the workforce after a diagnosis with MS like Dylan, or help staying in your current job? Contact Multiple Solutions on 1800 053 154.

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