A dream is coming true – Trisha

Having physical limitations that restrict the type of work she can do, Trisha came to Multiple Solutions with limited work skills, a history of depression and caring responsibilities.

Over a 6 month period, Trisha successfully completed her Certificate III in Community Services. After helping her gain her First Aid Certificate, Multiple Solutions sourced and supported Trisha through a work placement at Alexam House, Salisbury. Upon completion of that placement, Trisha was offered a job.

Multiple Solutions Post Placement Support helps ensure Trisha’s employment is stable and that her medical conditions are appropriately managed while she is working. Trisha loves her work and she has a great relationship with her employers.

It feels so good to be working again – Russell

An individual’s sense of purpose and self-worth is often challenged when illness or disability threatens their employment or takes them out of the workforce. Multiple Solutions provides employment advice and practical support to get people back into the workforce and help them stay there.

People like Russell Miller, who sustained a traumatic brain injury that affects his speech, grip, memory, mobility and balance. Multiple Solutions worked closely with Russell and initially, secured four weeks work experience as a Trade Assistant with SouthLink. Although temporary, this was ideal for Russell, as he was able to use his existing mechanical skills.

A regular volunteer placement at Oxfam followed, while Multiple Solutions sought permanent employment for him. When a permanent part-time position for a Trade Assistant became available at SouthLink, Russell’s name was put forward and he was appointed.

As a Multiple Solutions participant, Russell received a minimum of 26 weeks employment support to ensure the best possible outcome for him and his employer.

Click below to view the testimonial Multiple Solutions received from the Trevor Parry Centre. The Trevor Parry Community Recovery Centre is a residential mental health rehabilitation facility for clients who require intensive support to improve daily living skills and self management of illness.



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