Our vision

That all people who experience a disadvantage have the quality of life that they aspire to.

Who we are

Multiple Solutions has been helping South Australians with their specialist employment needs since 1992. Multiple Solutions was formed under the auspices of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA and NT but provides support to participants with a range of disabilities.

At Multiple Solutions, we offer support to both our participants and employers with no cost to either as we are 100% funded by the Australian Federal Government. Our Employment Solutions Team supports people living with a disability to find and secure sustainable employment. We do this through case management which identifies skills, experience, interests and attitudes to employment. We then work with both our participants and employers to source or create suitable job roles for our participants and support all parties involved. Following job placement, Multiple Solutions consultants deliver intensive Post Placement Support (PPS) on a weekly basis and ongoing support as required to ensure participants are able to maintain their employment long-term.

Why choose us?

  1. We offer a range of free services funded by the federal government.
  2. Our expert staff are experienced in supporting and meeting the needs of clients with disabilities to obtain, and retain employment.
  3. We have a multi-disciplinary team who understand the needs of business and are committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement.
  4. We practice what we preach and proudly employ people with disabilities, which means, we know our stuff!

Our mission

To provide high quality, holistic and inclusive services that empower individuals to improve the quality of their lives.

Our Values

& Empathy

We are caring and compassionate and respond with empathy to the needs and circumstances of the people we serve.

& Inclusion

We value the inherent worth of each human being and support a community where all people are accepted regardless of their circumstances.

& Integrity

We are open and honest and treat all people with respect and dignity.


We believe in individual choice, satisfaction, creating independence and achieving the best possible outcome.


We believe that consultation and collaboration lead to empowerment and will initiate and support collaborative partnerships at all levels.


We are committed to positively impacting the lives of our clients and are diligent in our efforts towards this.


We are driven to achieve the highest standard of service through efficient, ethical and accountable practices.

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